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Pink Media Group

Through the Pink International Company, Serbian Pink Media Group founded Pink BH, which is one of the most watched television channels in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Pink BH started broadcasting in 2003, but in 2018, the owner of the N1 television network purchased Pink BH from Željko Mitrović, owner of Pink Media Group and rebranded it into Nova BH. That same year, Mitrović established a new channel and company in the country, PINK MEDIA BH, with Lajla Torlak assuming the role of CEO.

Pink Media Group began operating in Serbia in 1993 with the launch of Pink Radio. This was followed by the opening of Pink Television a year later, after signing a contract with what was then the national television station RTS (today's public broadcast service of the Republic of Serbia), facilitated by owner Mitrović's close ties with the political elite. This contract granted Pink Television access to premises, equipment, and services from RTS at a minimal cost.

Pink introduced a new kind of populist program to the Serbian media scene, featuring turbo folk music and nationalist themes. Nationalist politicians, military figures, paramilitary members, war profiteers, and folk singers were showcased in prime-time programs.

Today, Pink TV in Serbia is the most-watched commercial television network after the public broadcast service RTS, with 16.54 percent of the national audience share in 2018, according to Nielsen research.

In 2014, Pink was revealed to be one of the most significant debtors on the state tax rolls. However, the Agency for Insurance and Financing of Exports of the Republic of Serbia provided the company with financial assistance on at least two occasions with guarantees and loans amounting to roughly seven million euros.

Perhaps one of the biggest controversies surrounding Mitrovic is his connection with the Electronic Media Regulatory Authority in Serbia. Mitrović is believed to have wielded considerable influence over the distribution of national frequencies in 2006. Mitrović's Pink received one of five allocated national frequencies, and links were subsequently revealed between him and two other recipients, Avala and Happy/Košava, either through ownership or service provision.

Mitrović's close ties with state officials have enabled Pink's expansion beyond Serbia over the years, securing the network a global reach. Pink encompasses over 60 cable channels, ranging, from Pink Kids and Pink Music to Pink Erotica.

Pink Media Group is the largest private commercial media group in Southeast Europe. In addition to radio and television programming, their ventures include film production, satellite television production, music production, and air transport services.

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Business Form


Legal Form

Limited Liability Company

Business Sectors

Production and broadcasting of television programs # Air traffic # Music production # Information Technology # Food production # Film, audio and television production # PR and marketing # Catering # Cinemas # Leasing


Individual Owner

Media Outlets


Production and broadcasting of television programs

Media prime time (100%) (Serbia)

Air traffic

Air Pink (48%) (Serbia)

Music production

City Records (100%) (Serbia)

Information technologies

Digital media system (100%) (Serbia)

Food production

Mgum technology (80%) (Serbia)

Film, audio and television production

United games (50%) (Serbia)

PR and marketing

Global digital agency (100%) (Serbia)


Pink Hospitality (100%) (Serbia)


Odeon Theater (100%) (Serbia)


Help team (50%) (Serbia)

TV and Radio Broadcasting

Pink Media Group (Serbia)

General Information

Founding Year


Affiliated Interests Founder

Željko Mitrović

founder of Pink Media Group, started his career in the 1990s in a media environment that was strictly controlled by Slobodan Milošević and Mirjana Marković, the ruling married couple. Mitrović was a member and federal representative of Mirjana Marković's Yugoslav Left (JUL) party. He joined JUL in 1996, serving as the head of the marketing department before his expulsion from the party in 2002.
Leveraging his ties with the ruling elite, Mitrović launched Pink Radio in 1993, before securing the national frequency for broadcasting Pink Television in 1994. Within four years, PINK became the leading commercial television station in the country.
Mitrović has consistently maintained good relations with subsequent political administrations.Since 2012, Pink TV has broadcast a number of videos and reports in its central news programs targeting opposition members and public figures who criticize the regime of Aleksandar Vučić. One such video featured Oliver Ivanović, the Serb opposition leader from northern Kosovo, who was killed just a few weeks after the video was broadcast on Pink TV.
Thanks to his close ties with state officials, Mitrović's business has continuously expanded over the years in various sectors and beyond the borders of Serbia. Today, Pink Media Group’s business ventures include film production, radio and television broadcasting, satellite television production, music production, and airline services. Mitrović also had an 80.5% stake in the MGUM Technology chewing gum company.
In 2013, the media mogul was embroiled in another scandal after his son, driving above the speed limit, hit and killed a woman named Andrea Bojanic at a pedestrian crossing, and then fled the scene of the accident. His son received a sentence of 12 months of house arrest and a one-year driving ban for the crimes of serious violation of public traffic safety and failure to assist an injured person in a traffic accident.




Adress: Neznanog junaka 1, 11000 Serbia

Tel: +381 11 3063 527


Tax/ ID Number


Financial Information

Revenue (Financial Data/ Optional)

1.52 mln USD / 2.63 mln BAM

Operating Profit (in Mill. $)

-61.904 USD / -106.785 BAM

Advertising (in % of total funding)

Missing data


Other Influential People

Milica Mitrović

program director of Pink Television and vice president of Pink Media Group, has been married to Željko Mitrović since 1995.

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ownership data is easily available from other sources, e. g. public registries etc.

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Pink Media BH did not respond to the questionnaire sent in August 2023 nor to the subsequent reminder. The state Financial Intelligence Agency had basic financial data for 2021 but not for the following years. The data refer to the entire company Pink Media BH. Amounts were converted to USD based on the Central Bank's average exchange rate for December 31, 2021.

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