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The full name of the Media Centar is Islamska zajednica u Bosni i Hercegovini, Media center, company for radio, television and publishing activities LLC. Media Centar was established as a media company in 2006 and began broadcasting the Radio BIR two years later. Radio BIR is the first electronic media platform of the Islamic Community in Bosnia and Herzegovina and broadcasts content on Islam and the values of the Islamic Community. With coverage across almost the entire country, BIR ranks as the ninth most popular radio station in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In addition to religious content, which makes up 35% of its programming, Radio BIR also covers topics related to news, politics, education, music, and youth. The company is owned by the Islamic Community of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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Limited Liability Company

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The Islamic Community in Bosnia and Herzegovina

a religious organization representing muslims in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Croatia, and the Bosniak-muslim diaspora. The current Reisu-l-ulema, the leader of the Islamic Community, is Husein Kavazović. The Islamic Community is the sole owner of 100% of the Media Centar, a company that operates Radio BIR.




Adress: Hasiba Brankovića street 2a, Sarajevo

Tel: +387 33 491 000

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1.22 mln USD / 2.11 mln BAM

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-3.668 USD/ -6.329 BAM

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company/channel informs proactively and comprehensively about its ownership, data is constantly updated and easily verifiable

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Ownership data from 2023 is sourced from the Sarajevo Municipal Court Registry and is available through the court upon request. Media outlet was contacted on 8th of August 2023 and did not respond to our questions. Ownership data was obtained through a FOI request to the responsible municipal court in July 2023. Financial data is only available for Media centar doo, not specifically for the Radio BIR outlet. The revenue and operating profit figures are from 2021, and obtained from the Financial Information Agency. The amounts have been converted into USD using the Central Bank's average exchange rate for December 31, 2021. The number of employees is from the 2022. Audience share information for the period between March 2022 and March 2023 was obtained from the IPSOS market research firm.

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