Online Media

According to the statistics agency, 81.6 households had access to the internet in 2022 among which 80.9 use the internet to read portals, online newspapers or magazine content. These percentages illustrate how big an influence online media has on the audience.

Despite the high percentage of households with internet access, according to the latest census in 2013, more than 38.7% of citizens were computer illiterate.

The number of online media is growing continuously. Press council mapped 615 portals among which 490 with daily news and 22 weeklies and 12 monthly published content.

According to the Ipsos agency, Klix and Avaz have by far the highest reach in the period of March 2022 to March 2023.

Due to this hyperproduction of online media content, media literacy is of great importance. Initiative for European politics of Open society institute - Sofia made in 2022 a research according to which Bosnia and Herzegovina is on the 38th of 41 countries when compared in media literacy.

This result sounds alarming having in mind the amount of disinformation online and also online media which uncritically republish unverified information, mostly online portals without impressums and for which it's impossible to confirm who is behind them.

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